Welcome to my first WordPress site.  I am a software engineer from the prehistoric age, having started as an entry-level programmer at EssexBank in Peabody, Massachusetts in 1980.  I moved my way through mini-computers at Wang Laboratories and Digital Equipment Corporation, where I worked on operating systems and device drivers.  I even have my name in the DEC Ultrix source code for writing the 3MAX SCSI driver (in scsi.h)!

Next, I worked for 3 startups:  Teloquent Communications, Northchurch Communications, and Cedar Point Communications.   Northchurch was acquired by Newbridge Networks, which was then
itself acquired by Alcatel.  Cedar Point created one of the first Class 5 telephone switches for the cable industry, and we beat out Cisco to be the first supplier for Comcast, the world's largest cable company.

The final phase of my career took a turn to more traditional IT, when I got a position at Bright House Networks in Tampa, FL.   I started doing a few small Java and C# projects, but ended up learning Salesforce coding, which I have done now for about 3 years.


My hobbies are bird watching, bird photography, and guitar.

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