Mitchell McConnell
Software Engineer

200 46th Ave
St Pete Beach, FL 33706

SKILLS: Salesforce, Python, Java, C, C#, Unix (SCO, Ultrix, Solaris), Oracle, Embedded, ISDN, sockets, Switching, SS7, Telephony (CTI), ix86, Assembly, Expect, XML, OO, Device Drivers, Frame Relay, ATM, Visual C++, MFC, DLL, TAPI, Win32, Pthreads, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, RDBMS, SQL, Clearcase, SVN, Eclipse

Work History

Aug 2010 – ongoing     Sr. Software Engineer,  Charter Communications (formerly Bright House Networks), Riverview, FL 


  • Salesforce Projects – Apex code, Python, Dataloader

Created Git repo for storing our Salesforce production backups


Created Python scripts to migrate Big Machines configuration data between Salesforce organizations to allow multiple development teams to use Developer sandboxes and not have to use Full copy sandboxes.


Developed Salesforce Apex code to perform business logic, such as notifying construction when orders reach a certain state, copying construction survey data to related Installation records, and keeping track of Contract Rejection history.


Updated existing SOA integration code which extracts construction-related data from an internal BHN application and stores in Salesforce.  Required rebuilding SOA interface from new WSDL and remapping fields.


Updated Salesforce to support new workflow for Coax products to ensure that the work orders are relayed to the appropriate team.  This involved identifying opportunities to set the appropriate Record Type and marking as Coax, as well as routing to new list views and reports.


Developed code for a project to decouple creation of Installation objects from the Opportunity stage.  Previously, they were created automatically when the Opportunity went to stage Proposed.  The new solution was to create a custom button to create Installations.  The fix also required Apex code changes as part of the decoupling.


A major project was completed for "In-flight Order Changes".  When customers had an order in place, as long as it was not completed, the users needed to be able to modify the order for customer changes, including modify, add, change, and delete (MACD).  This involved creating a new copy of the Opportunity to manage the new changes, but also "remembering" the old Opportunity for the items that were not changing, and for reporting purposes.


  • Other projects – C#, Java

Created multi-threaded C# Windows Services data collection application for real-time Switched Digital Video server record collection using TCP.

Developed Java batch application using SAX, JAXB, JDBC, and Oracle for Y.1731 data collection application.   Also developed Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures.  Developed RESTful web service to serve this data to customer-facing web portal.


Developed Java batch application to manage shipments to Bright House customers using Federal Express Web Services API.    Also used internal API to update customer's account with the shipment tracking number.


As team member, developed Java Web-based Enterprise Service Order management system (in-house CRM) using Java EE, Spring, Hibernate, and Struts, along with Oracle 11g.   Responsible for building business objects including Hibernate backend, along with HTML screen development using some Javascript and JQuery.  Also wrote about 30 reports using JasperSoft iReport write.  Wrote Python scripts for data migration.



Mar 2009 - Oct 2009 Consultant, Netsalon - Franklin, TN

  • C#, ASP.NET, Sockets, Winforms

Developed encrypted instant message application for proof of concept for a real-time currency trading platform.

Earlier experience available upon request


May 1978 - Bachelor of Arts, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY.    Major in philosophy, with courses in logic, math, and computer science (BASIC and IBM assembler).

Completed week-long AT&T Unix Internals course.

Courses in computer science and electronics, including Pascal, Discrete Mathematics, and Data Structures (at Rivier College in Nashua, NH). Graduate level courses in AI, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, and Discrete Mathematics at Boston University.

Courses in Java, Javascript, Dreamweaver, and SQL through St. Petersburg College

Oracle training:  Java EE - Enterprise Edition - Developing Web Applications